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What motivates you?

by Richard Bergstrom, D.Min., President
Do you know what motivates you?
Or, to put it another way,  “What inspires you to get you up in the morning?”

What if I told you there is an assessment that could reveal that for you? There is! It is described in the newly released book, The Motivation Code: Discover the Hidden Forces That Drive Your Best Work, written by Todd Henry, with Rod Penner, Todd W. Hall, Ph.D. and Joshua Miller, Ph.D. Its premise is we all can thrive in life and work when we are operating out of our core motivations.

I completed the assessment several years ago and discovered my core motivations are to Experience the Ideal, Be Central, and Be Unique. The results affirmed my need to be in a critical leadership role where I could shape the vision and direction of an organization–not just carry out the plans and policies of others. To quote a line from the musical Hamilton, I need to not only be “in the room where it happens,” but I want to make it happen! After ten years as an Executive Pastor of Operations in a mega-church, I returned to my role as President of ChurchHealth, a non-profit organization I founded 25 years ago. Once again, I am engaged in activities that drive me rather than drain me.

Shortly after taking the assessment myself, I completed training and was certified to be an MCODE Practitioner (called MCORE at that time.) I have had the opportunity to coach numerous individuals in the life-changing discovery and understanding of their key motivators. As a personal coach, I would love to offer you the opportunity to discover your motivational code by taking the MCODE assessment and allowing me the privilege of helping you understand what motivates and propels you. The Motivation Coaching Package is listed on the MCODE website for $249. Through December 31st, I am offering it at $100 off, or for the reduced price of $149. That includes the assessment and a 60-minute coaching session after you complete the exercises in the report.

For more information about personal coaching–or about how I can help your church staff or ministry team–contact me through our website, or click here to email me directly.

I look forward to helping you “discover the hidden forces that drive your best work!”

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