What people are saying about Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? by Richard and Leona Bergstrom

Profoundly important. This book will change your life. Fresh, inspiring, and practical, Third Calling is destined to be a classic in the literature of purposeful living.

Richard Leider, Founder of Inventure-The Purpose Company
Author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, and Life Reimagined


As we live longer lives, it’s natural to seek greater meaning and purpose as the decades unfold. Richard and Leona Bergstrom understand this imperative. Their new book, Third Calling, is a down-to-earth guide for people seeking to marry purpose and impact in the “third third” of their lives. The Bergstroms understand and share the desire to make a positive difference in their communities: this book is their contribution to an important, ongoing dialogue.

Marc Freedman, CEO/Founder, Encore.org.
Author of The Big Shift, Encore, and Prime Time


I’m convinced that life’s prolonged second half will provide an opportunity for people to chart a new course. In fact, these years may be the most liberating and energizing time of their lives. Third Calling will challenge, encourage and inspire you to intentionally plan the rest of your life–with purpose. It is filled with personal stories, relevant research and practical tools to guide you.

–Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., President/CEO, Age Wave
Author of A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement and Success


Just when you’re tempted to think life is winding down, the Bergstroms rattle your world and convince you that it’s winding UP. And you’ve got a whole new calling, something significant to do for the rest of your life.

Marshall Shelley, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Denver Seminary
Former editor, Leadership Journal; Contributing Editor, Christianity Today’s CT Pastors.org


 We all know that people are living longer, but there is more to it than that. Third Calling, a rare gem by Richard and Leona Bergstrom, is an informative and inspiring book that offers the reader a time of conscious decision-making. Well researched, creatively developed and using the real experiences of people, the Bergstroms provide the reader with an excellent resource that can lead to a Third Calling in life filled with clarity, hope, faith, and meaning. I highly recommend Third Calling as a valuable resource for anyone who is at midlife and beyond.

–Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., Director ENCORE Ministries, Tennessee Conference, UMC
Author of Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century and Designing An Older Adult Ministry


Richard and Leona Bergstrom are leaders in Christian ministry among those exploring life’s amazing second half. Their newest book, Third Callingis filled with observations and ideas from boomers inside the church, and outside as well.  Each chapter offers research, insights and how-to’s leading to positive and lasting outcomes. Third Calling brings fresh understanding and support to a restless and aging generation, still making its powerful presence felt in the church and in the world.

          –Ward Tanneberg, Ph.D.
Author of Sacred Journey and Seasons of the Spirit


I am a part of the audience Richard and Leona address in Third Calling. I spent 25 wonderful years pastoring four different congregations and then nearly 15 years serving our denomination, Converge Worldwide. Now I am wrestling with the very questions the Bergstroms explore in their excellent book. Richard and Leona have challenged and helped a host of people, like myself, serve Christ out of a lifetime of experiences. You will be blessed by their book!

–Dr. Jerry Sheveland, Former President of Converge Worldwide


I come from a long line of “non-retirees.” They saw this culture’s “retirement” as an illusion–offering little and taking much from an authentic life of purpose, influence and legacy. They did see with age, a changing of seasons–yes.  Changes in energy, strength and pace–probably. Changes in possibilities, opportunities and potential influence–NOT.  As a result, my non-retiring predecessors, while having very different life stories, experienced life-long influence, productivity and fulfillment. If you find that thought both intriguing and appealing, Richard and Leona Bergstrom will help you find and follow that path, too. It’s your Third Calling. And it’s an amazingly important leg of your journey and mine. I highly recommend both the book–and the life.

–Dr. Bert Downs, Chancellor, Western Seminary

Third Calling is one of those books that could turn your life around, bring you much joy and help you finish well. Start your Third Calling legacy by giving away copies of Third Calling to your Boomer friends. Your gift could spur on lasting change and fulfillment for many.

Dr. Bruce McNicol, President, Trueface.org
Co-Author, The Cure

Our most important assets are not what we have in the bank but the life assets we accumulate on the journey of living. Richard and Leona’s book, Third Calling, helps you identify and focus those assets in high-potential, fulfilling ways. It’s a great handbook for what may be your most productive and rewarding years.

–Phill Butler, Founder and Senior Strategic Advisor, VisionSynergy
Author of Well Connected: Releasing Power, Restoring Hope through Kingdom Partnerships


Third Calling is Richard and Leona’s life message. It’s not something they simply teach and call others to. It’s something they wholeheartedly live out. I’ve often told the two of them, ‘When I grow up, I want to be like you.’ As you read Third Calling, my hope is that something in your heart will be re-ignited—that you’ll gloriously spend your entire life for Jesus until you cross to the other side of eternity. 

–Jonathan Alexander, Senior Pastor, Northshore Community Church


As college students in the 70s, Richard and Leona Bergstrom were leaders among their peers, challenging them to follow God’s calling in life and ministry. Decades later, they continue to inspire their generation. Their newest book, Third Calling, is a personal message to Boomers: ‘God has designed you for a purpose for such a time as this!’ Through their own life stories as well as examples from others, Richard and Leona share relevant information, helpful insights and practical ideas to help you find and follow your Third Calling. I’ve personally benefited from their message and I am confident you will be equally inspired.

-Teri Bradford Rouse, Senior Director, Alumni and Parent Relations, Westmont College


When working as a local pastor in Sweden, I noticed a change of attitude among older adults, which became a challenge to our old way of working in church. My encounter with Leona and Richard Bergstrom was a transforming experience. They expressed what I saw and offered a creative program for how to make a prospect out of what might be regarded as a threat. In their book Third Calling, they summarize their experiences and insights in a catchy but trustworthy manner. As a reader, you will realize that the question “what does God want with my life?” is a very live issue to a mature person, no less than it is to a teenager.

Anders Blåberg, General Secretary, Swedish Bible Society
Former pastor and Mission Director of Evangeliska Frikyrkan

Richard and Leona Bergstrom have brilliantly, Biblically and expertly written a book for Boomers wanting purpose and meaning as well as seeking tools and skills necessary to navigate this new season. I highly recommend Third Calling to those who now find themselves with both memories and dreams!

–John Coulombe, interGen Pastor, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton


Third Calling is a powerful, practical resource for Boomers seeking a positive direction toward life’s later seasons. The Bergstroms offer wise counsel to enlighten, encourage and challenge us on this exciting path, helping us grasp Kingdom potential in a deeper way.

–Wes Wick, Director/Co-Founder, YES! Young Enough to Serve


Aging is changing and changing fast. Most Boomers will need help in navigating the last third of life. Help has arrived. In their important book, Richard and Leona Bergstrom take you through and to your Third Calling. If you are wondering how you will spend the rest of your days, read this book!                                  

–Peter Menconi
Author of The Intergenerational Church: Understanding Congregations from WWII to www.com
and The Aging Well Bible Study Series


Third Calling is more than just a book to be read–it is a powerful map and guided tour for Boomers, designed to help them realize the power they have in this new season to still be ‘World Changers.’ It is a tremendous work–well researched and incredibly practical. The Bergstroms have given each of us Boomers a wonderful gift. A gift such as this one should not be missed. 

–Dr. Chuck Stecker, Executive Director and Founder
A Chosen Generation & The Center for interGenerational Ministry
Author of Men of Honor, Women of Virtue: The Power of Rites of Passage into Godly Adulthood


Richard and Leona Bergstrom have written a blueprint for how Boomers can find their Third Calling. With humor and seasoned wisdom from a lifetime of Christian ministry, they provide buoys that guide someone in their desire to live into their Third Calling. The process laid out in the book is an antidote to “retirement mentality” which leads to settlers instead of a new breed of pioneers needed for the work of God around the world.

–Jon Sween, President, Marketplace Connections


In this inspiring book, Richard and Leona Bergstrom share biblical insights, glimpses of their journey and stories of others embracing their Third Calling. Thought provoking and practical, it helps the reader examine the questions, Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? How do I embrace it? A must read for those seeking meaning and purpose in this season of life.

–Richard Pearce, Co-Founder, Fresh Horizons, Churches of Christ Australia


If you are over 50 and have been struggling, frustrated, and stressed about your next steps in life, Third Calling is a MUST-read for you. Leona and Richard have created a book that helps answer the great questions we are all asking: Who am I? Why am I here? and What am I to do with the rest of this wild and wonderful life?

–Rev. Charles McKinney, Pastor to Boomers and Senior Adults, First Baptist Church Jacksonville

Richard and Leona Bergstrom exemplify the best of the Boomers. Working in ministry with Boomers, I have grown to respect and admire this couple as leaders and innovators. They are engaged and passionate.  I have witnessed this couple live out strong Christ-centered convictions. They have impacted lives at workshops held at our church. Their understanding of the struggles of aging combined with their keen insight into the Boomer mindset produced a challenging and helpful tool. Boomers facing the Third Calling will appreciate the direction provided by the Bergstroms. Third Calling is a resource that will be available for individuals and groups at our church.

–Peggy Fulghum, Boomer Ministry Director, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church


Richard and Leona Bergstrom wrote Third Calling for their peers, but it is for everyone–and, the earlier it is read, the better life will flow to its end. They masterfully, and with humor, guide the reader to identify how to live life to the fullest and avoid time wasters and traps. They help you discover how to reach true satisfaction for every day you live beyond your ‘retirement’ year.  I will be giving many of these books as gifts to people I care about. That will be part of my legacy, giving them wisdom.

–Elisa Hawkinson, President, How2Organize
Author of Calming Your Chaos: Organizing Your Life, Home, Office and Future


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I often reflect on how the members of our society are dying for lack of meaning. We see people of all ages who have a plethora of things, entertainment and opportunities and yet are depressed, anxious and often suicidal. Our society promises fulfillment through beauty, wealth and fame but all that results is hollowness and disappointment. Many work tirelessly toward retirement thinking that then ‘the good life’ begins, never realizing that the ‘good life’ is not found in doing less but is found in purpose and meaning; in doing for others and making a difference–and responding to God’s calling. Third Calling, by Richard and Leona Bergstrom, not only demonstrates this point but also guides us through the process, pointing us again toward the true meaning and rewards in life. I hope many of us in the Boomer generation will respond to their invitation to explore how to jump into this next stage with anticipation—especially those who because of society’s pressure and false promises have not had the opportunity to follow their hearts and live a life of meaning.

Donelyn Miller, LMFT, Co-Owner, Relational Resources Counseling Center
Adjunct Professor, Western Seminary


People retire after working hard for many years. While having looked forward to it, when they actually retire they don’t have a clue what to do the rest of their lives. Some sit on the couch, twiddle their thumbs and pretty soon, you’re reading their obituary. We shouldn’t be surprised because the Bible warned us, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’  Richard and Leona Bergstrom aim to change that. Third Calling is about giving Boomers a formula to discover and carry out a new vision for the rest of their lives.

–Dr. Robert Anderson, President, Masters Tours
Former Professor of Pastoral Theology, Western Seminary
Author of The Effective Pastor: A Practical Guide to Ministry

The American dream of hanging up your work at retirement and endlessly enjoying personal leisure has come full circle. That dream has become a nightmare for many. In their new book, Third Calling, the Bergstroms point the way to a purposeful life of joy and engagement for those who long for it. Read it and you will discover you are living the new American dream… A dream of purpose!

–Jon Sharpe,  President of C3 Leaders
Co-Author of Street Signs A New Look at Urban Ministry