Since obtaining my first set of glitter glasses in the fourth grade, I have been dependent on refracted glass to help me see. It is amazing what these lenses have done to improve my life. I went from detecting green blurs to actually distinguishing individual leaves on the trees!

For years, through the marvel of glasses and contacts, I maintained a 20/20 vision with barely any significant change. Until this year. Rather suddenly my ability to pinpoint the bottom line of letters on the eye chart diminished. My doctor ordered a new prescription and sent me out to buy new glasses and contacts.

My selection included the option of adding transition lenses. These are quite a marvelous invention, allowing one to go in and out of sunlight without changing glasses. The lenses change the hue, darkening enough to compensate for the brightness–thus protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.

I wish I had transition lenses for my soul.

It seems life is full of transitions. We go from bright, cheery days filled with hope and optimism to darker ones clouded by despair and discouragement. We shift from certainty to disoriented; safe to frightened; connected to alone; secure to vulnerable. There are days we can barely see–life is a blur. We need transition lenses for our souls. Something that helps us consistently find our way, whether in light or dark. Something or someone who remains constant.

The predominant message for 2020, from preachers to politicians, is we need a new vision–a clear vision–for the future. Practically speaking for me, it is about new lenses to help my eyes capture the details of all that is around me. But my soul also needs transition lenses, because there will be changes, and I will need help adjusting to both the light and the dark.

My soul will need to trust–and learn to walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7)


by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite
© Re-Ignite 2020
Images by CanStock