In our book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?, we outline 10 important things to consider as you seek to live with purpose.

1. Believe long life is a gift from God to be stewarded with wisdom and imagination.
2. Listen to the voice of the One who calls. Be still and hear His directions.
3. Be willing to move forward, rejecting the dominant paradigm in our culture that says you are done, irrelevant, and expendable.
4. Discover and embrace your unique design.
5. Nurture creative thinking; explore new worlds, start taking risks.
6. Engage in an activity that meets the needs of others.
7. Embrace the challenges and difficulties in this stage of life; learn the deep lessons and share insights with others.
8. Make a plan for how you will see your third calling become reality.
9. Live a legacy of meaning, compassion and faith.
10. Be a leader. Inform and educate those of all ages and generations about the gift of long life.

Over the next few months, we will expand on each of these aspects in our blog. Join us in the conversations!

–Richard and Leona Bergstrom

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