This powerful 9-minute short film tells the story of one man’s quest to find meaning in the second half of life. Join Bill Parker on his first day of retirement as he leaves the comforts of a career behind and eagerly heads toward the future.

Troubled by what he finds, he waits and hopes for something more.


The DVD comes with a study guide and is perfect for small groups and classes. Click here to order. Suggested donation is $5  plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

Produced by Smallfire Films and ChurchHealth. 2006.


What people are saying about Musical Chairs:

Musical Chairs creatively exposes the limitations and the shortcomings of the traditional view of retirement in America. It also subtly portrays the ageism that is pervasive in our culture and in the church as well. This year some 4 million Americans will turn 60 and another 4 million every year for the next 18 years will join their ranks. Many churches are waking up to the fact that this cohort of aging Americans is healthier and more active than any other generation preceding them. Musical Chairs introduces a new, refreshing way of looking at the “retirement years” and beckons the church to provide more opportunities for service and involvement for this new generation of mature adults. If the powerful message of this short film spreads to churches all over our nation, we might see a massive mobilization of mature adults impact their churches, their communities and their world in unprecedented ways.

Don Wilcox
Boulder, Colorado


Musical Chairs is an awesome film that clearly shows the fears, emotions and challenges of moving into retirement. This 10-minute film sums up the entire experience for the first-time retiree as they search to find a place to fit, encounter the typical retirement stereotypes, and discover whole series of opportunities to make a significant contribution to the Kingdom of God! Every church with a person over age 50 in the congregation needs to see this!

Rev. Joseph Burchill
Lancaster, PA



Changing the culture of Long Term Care begins with a change in attitude about aging: Despite our individual limitations, we all have purpose. Musical Chairs has been used effectively by our in-service education department for stimulating employee discussion about culture change and finding purpose at every stage of life.

Greg Carlson
CEO, GracePoint Crossing
Cambridge, MN


I recently reviewed the DVD, Musical Chairs. It is a thought-provoking theme directed to the midlife and beyond age person seeking fresh meaning and purpose in their life. An excellent lead-in for a class or small group discussion on the importance of meaningful connections and involvement in the second half of life.

Dr. Ward Tanneberg
President Emeritus, CASA Network
Seattle, WA


The Musical Chairs DVD produced by ChurchHealth offers a clear reminder that meaningful life does not end when one retires from the working world. We who are “retired” from one working situation have nearly unlimited ways we can serve and mentor the local and international communities. We should view retirement more as a career change rather than a time to vegetate and die. The video calls to our attention to the fact that we can be productive and helpful regardless of our age. Playing Bingo, bridge and golf, or going fishing need not occupy all of our time in “retirement.”

Dale E. Snyder
Senior Adult Ministry Leader

Redmond, WA

For two weeks God was closing windows and doors of the ministry I had been doing for several years. I knew He had something new in store, but what? While viewing Musical Chairs, God opened a whole new door, a new vision. I have faith that God will incubate that vision and birth a ministry that will have an impact on the 2nd half of life for many adults.


Debra Laine
Faith Based Support Coordinator
Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging
Duluth, MN


We have seen Musical Chairs several times. Each time we have come away feeling that this is the introduction to retirement planning that we want our friends to examine first. The film “raises the bar” for future retirees in considering what they can do to make the most of their golden years. We heartily recommend it.


Rev. David and Helen Clark
Pastor to Senior Adults
Seattle, WA