From Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The RE-IGNITE weekend seminar at our church this year was a hit! Many Boomers and post-Boomers are still struggling to find meaning, purpose and significance in life. Through wise counsel, gifted teaching and creative material, Richard and Leona Bergstrom skillfully led our people to new places of reflection and commitment to make the most of the rest of our lives. RE-IGNITE is a must ministry for your church and the many folks who are just waiting for that special boost to become who they truly were meant to be.

–Jerry Orthner
Adult Ministries Pastor
Foothills Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta

From Everett, Washington:

After attending the Re-Ignite retreat, I have been hyper-focused on the choices I’m making with my time, my money, and who I let into my life. I keep asking myself if what I’m doing is what God has in mind for me. This season of reflection is not guilt-ridden but charged with excitement for what’s ahead.

I’m particularly grateful for all the assessment work we did. It had been quite awhile since I’d looked at my gifting and personality profile. It got me back to considering who God made me to be, instead of simply doing the work that’s right in front of me. Already I have begun to put some of my insights into practice, and I’m prayerfully looking at more ways I can live in better alignment with God’s plans for me.

The location was wonderful! Long walks on the beach were perfect for a weekend of intense and productive introspection. With the Bergstroms, we also had front row seats for observing how life can be lived with joy when we follow God’s promptings.

Thank you, Richard and Leona, for introducing the idea that I can and must seek God’s will for my Third Calling–and for sure, it’s not about “retirement.”

Theresa  S.
Re-Ignite Exclusive Participant
Everett, Washington

From Fullerton, California:

I want to say thank you from the bottom of our Boomer Leadership Team’s hearts for the terrific seminar. “The Conversation” was so enjoyable. You and Richard did a great job of leading us, and giving us all things to think about and do. I heard nothing but great comments from those in attendance. It was a wonderful morning for all of us, and so appreciate you giving us that opportunity. Wilshire Ave. is not a huge church, and having authors/speakers of your caliber was awesome. We wish you lived closer. You and Richard seem like such a nice and fun couple to be around! Blessings to you both and your wonderful ministry with Boomers!

Lauren Carpenter
Boomer Ministry Director
Wilshire Avenue Community Church
Fullerton, California

From Venice, Florida:

Our church recently went through a process to launch a new adult ministries program geared toward the 55 plus generation, and we utilized the services of Richard and Leona Bergstrom with Re-Ignite Ministries. They provided a comprehensive retreat weekend where folks from our congregation could discover their God given gifts and discern God’s direction for their life. The program was well received and we feel it will move them to becoming more involved disciples of Jesus Christ! I would highly recommend the Bergstroms and the Re-Ignite Ministry to any church who desires their older adults to remain vital participants of their congregation.

Rev. Valerie A. Garron
Director of Connectional Ministries
Christ United Methodist Church
Venice, Florida

From Australia and New Zealand:

Fresh Horizons Ministry Australia and New Zealand invited Richard and Leona Bergstrom from Re-Ignite to be the Keynote speakers at our 2015 Conferences.

We were not disappointed as the Bergstroms led us through insightful, interactive sessions providing excellent material designed to assist us in re-discovering our purpose in Life’s 2nd Half. Their spiritual maturity, experience and gentle manner were a blessing to all who attended.

The Word Cloud which emerged from the Conference attendees summed up their response and is a mark of the huge benefit they received from the Bergstroms Ministry.

Fresh Horizons fully endorses and recommends this Ministry.

FH b&W wordle
Richard Pearce, Director
Fresh Horizons Ministry
Churches of Christ, New Zealand and Australia


 Lori from Edmonds, Washington, said:

Re-ignite – a perfect name for an experience that gave me insight and tools to more confidently seek God’s purpose. I have been touched by Dick and Leona’s caring personalization of the multi-faceted elements used that got me to explore what makes me unique and gives me satisfaction. They have helped me to more clearly see God’s moving in my life through the decades which opened my eyes to future possibilities. Years of ministry give a depth to the tools they use as they present relevant information with applicable examples, humor and insightful sensitive probing. In my case the result has not been an immediate answer to my next step, but something better – tangible tools and support to pursue God’s best for me in this stage of life and live the journey step by step with faith, trust and joy. Thanks, Dick and Leona, for stepping out to pursue your dream and lead people to fulfill their potential!

–Lori Kutrich

Mark from Seattle, Washington, said:

Our Re-Ignite exclusive was very meaningful to both of us. Through the preparations and the sessions, I was able to gain a better understanding of how God has made me and how to better plan for the future to maximize the impact of what I do and how I do it. The information also provided a lot of clarity as to why I feel so strongly about some specific things that happen around me. The ideas related to finding your specific design and then maximizing your potential by recognizing what motivates you were particularly helpful. A big “thank you” goes out to Richard and Leona for investing their hearts and lives into this vital ministry.

–Mark Rydman

Pastor McKinney from Jacksonville, North Carolina, said:

I want to personally give very high recommendation for the Re-Ignite Conference we held at FBC Jacksonville, N.C. I strongly encourage people and leaders seeking to find their next step in life and ministry to schedule a Re-Ignite Conference with Richard and Leona Bergstrom. The conference will give you a very clear picture of who you are and what God wired you to do. Sometimes its just one word that describes your God given assignment, sometimes its a collection of words that create your God given picture. If you are feeling plateaued, in a rut, or anxious about what you want to do with the rest of your life, don’t wait, call the Bergstroms and schedule a Re-Ignite conference for you, your church or group. You will never have to wake up in the morning not knowing what it is you need to give the world.

–Rev. Charles McKinney, Minster to Senior Adults, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville

David from Marietta, Georgia, said:

At age 65, I was floating in the Dead Sea – unmotivated and going through the motions. I reluctantly attended the Re-ignite conference and everything changed. I clarified my mission for the next phase of my life and found the sweet spot where I can have the most impact. My life verse came alive (Acts 13.36) and I am excited about what lies ahead. Glad I went and hope you will too. Very thankful for my tour guides (Dick and Leona) during this process. Happy to discuss this with anyone.

–David Faison, Marietta, Georgia

More from David:

Here was my conclusion from the weekend:

God wants me to serve the underserved by improving the lives of others through connecting, engaging, and serving with an eye on eternal impact.

My next phase of life should include:

  • Serving the underserved
  • Coaching and teaching younger people
  • Engaging everyone I can with eternal impact

Acts 13.36:  “When David finished serving God’s purpose in his generation, he fell asleep.”

 From Church at Sun Valley, Arizona:

I like to see a husband/wife team presenting.

You were well organized. Your passion really comes through.

I loved the variety off teaching methods.

Retreat Participants, Festival, Arizona

Pastor Robin from Edmonds, Washington, said:

What if everyone in your congregation had their sleeves rolled up and was living out God’s purpose for their lives?  What would your church do with that manpower to impact your community . . . and the world?  This is the potential that results from those who engage in the process of Re-Ignite.  For some in our congregation it’s rediscovery of who they are and what God has made them to be and do, for others it’s living for the first time.

 —-Pastor Robin Munshaw, Community Outreach Pastor, North Sound Church


Charla from Washington, said:

I didn’t expect the “ah-ha” moment I received. It was powerful, and has changed my entire perspective! I’m truly grateful. Thank you so much. Blessings to you all for this ministry!

Kjell and Sue Daven from Stockholm, Sweden said:

We met Richard and Leona Bergstrom for the first time in June 2012 in connection with their visit to Sweden to speak at some conferences about 2nd Half and Re-Ignite retreats. In Sweden we have been involved in similar attempts of helping people in their second half of life realising their spiritual calling to serve God with their gifts. We were attracted to their ways of dealing with these issues in a broader and more standardised way. We therefore invited them back to Sweden in May to lead a Re-Ignite retreat. It was a great experience for all participants who shared their thoughts in the evaluation afterwards. People were deeply touched by this weekend.

For obvious reasons the retreat was held in English. Richard and Leona facilitated the retreat in an extremely good way with cultural sensitivity, setting an atmosphere of openness and authenticity that created a safe environment which helped the participants to open up. Leona and Richard are mature and friendly people who are easy to talk to.

We can warmly recommend them and the Re-Ignite retreats.

Sue and Kjell Davén, Stockholm, Sweden

Brad from Bothell, Washington said:

My wife and I went on the retreat not knowing exactly what to expect, but at the very least we figured we would have a weekend away together! We did enjoy the weekend and were able to refresh some old ideas, create some new ones, and discover how we arrived at the point we are currently at in our Christian lives and walk.

One of the most interesting parts to me was reviewing the stages of our lives that we went through, defining the events, influences, and people that helped shape us during that stage of our lives, and projecting where we would be in the future stages. All in all it helped us review the natural gifts and spiritual gifts that God has given us and how best to use them.

My wife was so impressed with the results of the retreat and the knowledge she gained about herself that she is using it as a basis for working with her life coach to learn how to implement the knowledge in her daily life and spiritual growth.


Elisa from Kirkland, Washington said:

Participating in the Re-Ignite weekend experience was a life changer for me.  I went expecting something impactful but I had no idea how powerful or timely the event would be.  Through the exercises we did and the presentations by the facilitators, I was able to take a high altitude look at my life experiences up to that point.  It was a long array of positive and negative stuff that gave focus to my future.  It also deeply affirmed me in the direction I was headed.   I so needed to hear I was on target with my personality, gifts, strengths and values; many of which I discovered in preparation for that weekend.  I was amazed so much could be accomplished in one weekend.  With additional processing of all the information and work on my mental attitude, I am feeling humbly confident in where the years ahead are taking me.  It will be in the missionary field in the marketplace helping people with their health.  For the church, I see myself as a bridge for people to learn about taking care of their wellness and not settling for old school thinking of just letting poor health issues show up, slow them down or stop them in their tracks. People can take better care of the temple they were given and be able to serve where God leads them with vital health well past the half-way mark in their lives.  My personal goal is to live with vitality and be/do all I can as the Lord asks and directs.

Read Elisa’s updated story here.

Recent Participant (anonymous)

The thing I liked most about the retreat was it gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with others in the same stage of life. I  am “pre-retirement” and I received lots of encouragement and hopefulness for the future.


Sandy from Cheshire, Connecticut said:

For many, many years I was unclear as to what my spiritual gift was. However, it was very clear to me what they weren’t!  I had been through several classes over the years to help figure that all out, but I always came up feeling empty, confused and very lacking.  Discussions always put me feeling extremely uneasy; I felt very left out at gift-giving time. The Re-Ignite weekend really put everything in perspective.  Sometime before that, I had come across Acts 9:36, the passage about Tabitha and how her simple way of “abounding with deeds of kindness and charity” brought such comfort and happiness to others.  So I claimed that as my “defining verse”.  That I could do; well, maybe not the abounding part, but I could work up to that!  I secretly hoped that that verse was God’s whisper to me, so I held onto it, hoping I had really found what I had been looking for all those years.  When I attended the Re-Ignite weekend, it put it all into perspective, especially as it expanded into the personality and spiritual gifts assessments.  That really gave great insight into the whole gift and fleshed it out in all directions.  I could see exactly where I was!  Now I know I have the gift of helps.  It’s not showy, but I really like that, and I’m trying hard to really “see” what Jesus can do through me.


Pastor Ron Larson from Massachusetts said:

It is a privilege for us to endorse the Re-Ignite Retreat Ministry of Richard and Leona Bergstrom. Through this ministry, insightful help is given in evaluating the purpose, passion and ministry focus of one’s life. Many members of our church found this retreat meaningful and helpful to their next stage of commitment to the Lord.


From a retreat participant:

Question: What word best describes what you received from this retreat?

Answer:  CLARITY!