These are critical and challenging days for adults known as “Boomers.” The leading edge of this generation is beginning to turn the age that society has defined as the time to retire. But, not so fast…Boomers have experience, vitality, resources, education, time – and have a compelling drive to change the world for the better. Interestingly, however, many Boomers have never had the opportunity to truly discover who they are and how God has designed them. Nor have they explored what God wants them to do and be in this new stage of life.

Who Are Leading Edge Boomers?

Leading Edge Boomers are the vanguard of this demographic known as Baby Boomers.  They are the first of the generation born post World War II sometime between 1946 and 1958. They are the individuals who have already received their AARP cards and are steamrolling toward collecting Social Security. They are OK with being called Boomers, just don’t call them “seniors” unless you are talking about discounts. The Leading Edge Boomer identifies with the cohort that relished in the music, styles and social consciousness of the 60’s. They are also the ones that pursued education, wealth and finding the  “American Dream.”

Leading Edge Boomers are at a challenging intersection of life. Contemporary culture suggests they consider retiring from work and opt for leisurely pursuits and shady green pastures. However, whether it’s because one still has energy or simply does not have the financial security to “retire” – Leading Edge Boomers are looking for “what’s next” in life! Is it a second career, short-term missions, grandparenting, starting a new business, travel…..????? Dr. Seuss said it well, “Oh the places you will go….” The Bible says it better, “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” (Jeremiah 29:11).


What is a Re-Ignite Retreat?

A Re-Ignite Retreat is an interactive, experiential retreat facilitated by trained and experienced staff who guide participants in exploring their unique design, values, life journey, passion, purpose, and future possibilities. 

The Re-Ignite retreat is transformational. Lives are changed as individuals grasp the reality that God is not done with them yet! He has shaped a life over many years and many experiences, and much like the piece of pottery that has been molded and remolded, it is ready for special service!

While the Re-Ignite Retreat can be meaningful for adults of all ages, it is most poignant for Leading Edge Boomers. Wanting to continue to find meaning and purpose in life, desiring to leave a legacy of faith, and having both energy and experience to offer, Leading Edge Boomers are anxious to find their unique calling and  place in both life and ministry.

The Re-Ignite retreat can be hosted by a small group, local church, community, denomination or conference center. The best retreat experience has a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 participants. It should be held at a distraction-free setting and include accommodations and meals. The Re-Ignite Retreat is a blend of lecture, large and small group discussions, assessments, meals and fellowship times, and opportunities for solitude and reflection.

There are several options for a Re-Ignite Retreat:

1. A two-night “getaway” retreat held at a camp, conference center or hotel. Typically begins on Friday evening and ends at noon on Sunday.

2. A one night/one day retreat typically held at a local church. Typically it is held on a Friday night (5:30 – 9:00 pm) and all day Saturday (8:30 am – 5 pm). Participants can stay in their own homes and meet at a church or conference center.

3. A morning, afternoon or evening four hour seminar – a “taste” of Re-Ignite.

We are happy to work with you to offer a retreat experience that meets your needs and audience.


How to host a Re-Ignite Retreat:

Contact us! We will happily provide you with information about scheduling and hosting a Re-Ignite Retreat.


If you are unable to host or attend a live Re-Ignite Retreat, then consider engaging in the Re-Ignite ONLINE. The online course consists of 8 sessions, all beginning with presentations by Re-Ignite Facilitators, Richard and Leona Bergstrom. Handouts are available in PDF format for you to download, print and put into your own notebook. Discussions are available as is support from the facilitators. It’s a great way to participate in a Re-Ignite Retreat in your own space and at your own pace! Click here for more information.

What people are saying about Re-Ignite Retreats:

Tim from Seattle, Washington, said:

My wife and I recently participated in a Re-Ignite seminar led by the Bergstroms. The conference, through various tools and exercises, really helped us to see how God had shaped and led us to this point in our lives, and also helped us to see how we could work together better by appreciating each other’s gifts and skills.

Perhaps most satisfying was to uncover and discuss future possibilities where we could serve together in God’s kingdom. Equally satisfying was to spend time with the Bergstroms, who are a blend of fun and hope and passion and wisdom that consistently inspired us to push deeper into God’s leading in our lives.

The Re-Ignite seminar was a milestone in our personal lives and marriage, and in our walk with God. We really treasure this experience and the guidance we gained from it. If you ever have a chance to participate, don’t miss this!

— Tim King
Northshore Community Church, Kirkland, WA



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