A portion of the Re-Ignite Retreat focuses on discovering your God-given design. Below is a Spiritual Gifts Assessment we would like you to take. We also list other assessments you might consider taking to better help understand your uniqueness. Please bring copies of any reports you receive.

Required: Spiritual Gifts Assessment.
Please click here to take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. When you have completed the assessment, please print the results and bring to the retreat.

Optional: Strengths Finder

There are several Strengths Finder books and assessments published by Gallup. We recommend you purchase a copy of  copy of Living Your Strengths by Winseman, Clifton and Liesveld. In it, you will find a one-time-use code to the assessment. Complete it and print out your results.

Optional: Personality Assessments 

Click here to complete the 16 Personalities Assessment. It is quick, free, and the results provide a lot of information about your particular personality type. Print the results and bring to the Re-Ignite event.

Click here  to complete the Kiersey Temperament Sorter. Print the results and bring to the Re-Ignite event. (This is optional and primarily for your interest. The initial assessment is free; if you want to go deeper, you can pay additional fees through the Kiersey website.)

Optional: MCORE

Click here to learn more about MCORE– and an assessment to identify your motivations. You can purchase the assessment on-line. If you would like someone to personally coach you through the results and application, contact us.