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Re-Ignite: Retreats for Leading-Edge Boomers

These are critical and challenging days for adults known as “Boomers.” The leading edge of this generation is beginning to turn the age that society has defined as the time to retire. But, not so fast! Boomers aren’t ready to head to a rocking chair just yet. They have experience, vitality, resources, education, time, and a compelling drive to change the world for the better. Interestingly, however, many Boomers have never taken the opportunity to truly discover who they are and how God has designed them. Nor have they explored what God wants them to do and be in this new stage of life.

A Re-Ignite Retreat is the ideal place for Boomers to take time to discover how God has shaped them throughout their entire lifetimes and consider what possibilities lie in the next chapter of life!

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