The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced churches and communities to evaluate the feasibility of hosting large-group events. For the time being, live, in-person Re-Ignite Retreats typically held in churches, conference centers, and retreat sites are canceled. HOWEVER, you can host a Re-Ignite Retreat remotely!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your church or small group decides to encourage and equip Boomers and early Retirees to seek God’s purpose and direction for their lives.
  2. Understanding this is not the time to gather together in person, you decide to host a Re-Ignite Retreat REMOTELY.
  3. Using Zoom technology, Richard and Leona Bergstrom, Re-Ignite Retreat Facilitators, will guide participants through all of the Re-Ignite process. This is the same curriculum, multi-media, assessments, and presentations used in the live-retreat. Rather than being held on a Friday night-Saturday, it is held two hours a week for 4 weeks. Participants join the Zoom meeting from the comfort of their own homes! Small discussion groups will still be a vital part of the experience–just done via Zoom’s Breakout Room feature. The Remote Retreat participants will have time to reflect on the presentations and exercises during the week.
  4. Re-Ignite REMOTE utilizes the Re-Ignite Retreat workbook, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? and the Life After Work Journal. Each participant is asked to purchase a copy of each one of these resources.
  5. To further discuss the possibilities, including costs, please contact Dr. Richard Bergstrom.


Here’s what people have to say about Re-Ignite REMOTE:

The remote Re-Ignite Retreat was a great time of ministry for our church! Richard and Leona ably navigated online teaching through direct instruction, videos, PowerPoint slides, group discussion, and break-out sessions – all while each of us was located in our homes! The time between sessions allowed us to really work through this important process in order to know ourselves and God’s calling on our lives better. I believe the extended time we spent in the remote retreat allowed the material to soak into our lives. Additionally, in a time where our people could not gather together, the Re-Ignite Remote Retreat permitted not only time together which we desperately needed, but it also equipped the attendees with the tools they need to minister for the Kingdom of God in this new stage of life during our “new normal.” I am thankful for the Bergstroms’ ministry and their flexibility to minister to churches in whatever the context. I look forward to seeing how God will use this time together to change our church, our community, and our world for the Kingdom of God!

Rolland Kenneson, Pastor
Rosemont Baptist Church, Montrose, Colorado