The Harvest and Grandma

Autumn is the wonderful season of the year when the world vibrates with the Creator’s colorful artistry. I love it. I love the challenges presented by the fall season as children head back to school and ministries start new programs. The air is electric with anticipation and hope. The autumn also is the time for [...]

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I Don’t Know

It was his last day on the job. Standing at center stage, mic in hand, Pastor Ryan attempted to answer his congregation's obvious question–what was he doing next? His answer was simple and transparent: I don't know. Pastor Ryan, leaving a staff position he held for seventeen years, is loved and appreciated. He is going out [...]

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The Day I Won The Lottery

The day was December 1, 1969. I was a 19-year-old sophomore transfer student at Westmont College in Montecito, California. I lived along with other classmates in Emerson Hall, a stone estate off campus that was used for student housing. I gathered around the television with other men that evening to watch this historic event–the outcome [...]

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The Story of the Prodigal’s Father

Author's note: Last week we had the opportunity to see the recently released movie, The Heart of Man.  The film's tagline: "Our brokenness is a bridge, not a barrier," summarizes the story of a father's relentless pursuit of his wayward son. Both the prodigal's story and the message of the film are about grace–grace dispensed in [...]

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An “Unfortunate and Tragic” Outcome

An unfortunate and tragic outcome.. These two words seem woefully inadequate. They were used by the Hollywood police chief to describe the recent deaths of eight individuals who lived in a rehab center in Hollywood, Florida. Their names and exact causes of death have not been announced, but the images of frail, vulnerable adults being [...]

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Believe long life is a gift from God

In our recent book we discuss 10 aspects to living out our Third Calling: #1: Believe long life is a gift from God–to be stewarded with wisdom and imagination. I don’t really think long life is all you’ve cracked up to be. It actually seems pretty depressing. This was our always-very-spiritual friend talking. How could [...]

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Ten Aspects to Living Your Third Calling

In our book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?, we outline 10 important things to consider as you seek to live with purpose. 1. Believe long life is a gift from God to be stewarded with wisdom and imagination. 2. Listen to the voice of the One who calls. Be [...]

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Finding Your Voice with a Frog in Your Throat

After 27 years as the voice of Kermit the Frog, Steve Whitmire is out of a job. Following Jim Henson’s unexpected death in 1990, Kermit was recast with Whitmire as his voice. In many ways, he became Kermit. For Henson, the voice of Kermit wasn’t just a role for which to audition; it was an [...]

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Get in the Car?

I wanted to tell them to get in the car. It was time to go. But, they just stood there, waving me farewell with smug grins on their faces. My adult kids don't come home with me anymore–especially after a 40th birthday party. In fact, they have to get into their own kid-safe, kid-equipped SUVs and [...]

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Awakening a Dream

written by Dr. Richard Bergstrom President, ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite In our book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?, the chapter entitled “Awakening Your Dreams” ends with Leona’s wistful, yet earnest, question:  Ah, dreams, they can come true. Now, can we talk about my house on the beach? (pg. 45) Little did we [...]

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