Name Calling

We are a highly sensitive generation. While we have been alive for decades, experienced an enormous amount and gained volumes of wisdom—we don’t like to be called anything that resembles old. Individuals, communities, churches, and marketers are all scrambling to find a moniker to set us apart from other demographics. On one hand, the discussion is [...]

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50+ Ministries Need to CHANGE! – a guest post by Wes Wick

New Wineskins Written by Wes Wick, Co-Founder and Director, YES! Young Enough to Serve So, does the American Church’s approach to 50+ ministry need new wineskins? While open to changing with the times, many of us don’t believe in change just for the sake of change. Reacting to boredom with the status quo may give [...]

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A Third Calling Discovery Story: Tim

Consider Tim's story. Tim enjoyed a fulfilling career in management at the Boeing Company. He later moved into a program management position at Microsoft. In his mid-50s, he began to question whether he had a long-term future there. After all, he was a history major, and the younger recruits to Microsoft came with strong backgrounds [...]

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Discerning Your Third Calling

The expression of your calling may change as you face transitions in the third-third of your life. We use the terms First, Second and Third Calling to define our life in stages. Whether you have spent your working years–Second Calling–in the ministry or in the marketplace, there comes a time when the role you play [...]

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Transitioning Into Third Calling

What event or life circumstance is transitioning you into your Third Calling? For us, it seemed it came all too soon. Our kids left home, married and began living their lives on their own. We downsized our possessions and bought a red Mustang convertible. We became grandparents–six times in six years. And, we began asking [...]

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“8 80” Churches?

Last night we attended a unique gathering of senior living and urban development innovators. Among them were architects, gerontologists, planners, and, of course, interested citizens. We learned of groundbreaking projects designed to make communities more livable for people of all ages. Since it was sponsored by AARP, the primary focus was on making life better [...]

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Bergstroms Featured on YES! Podcast

Richard and Leona Bergstrom recently had the privilege of sharing the mic with ministry peer, Judy Wick from YES!   Click here to listen to the 20-minute podcast about Third Calling and the ministry of Re-Ignite.

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A Sad and Uncertain Saturday

written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite Easter weekend is when Christians memorialize the death of Christ and celebrate his resurrection. Saturday is a particularly perplexing day. Sandwiched between a dark and solemn Good Friday service and the glorious dawn of Easter morning, Saturday is when communities hold lively egg hunts; offer photo ops with the [...]

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Third Calling People

Third Calling people are those, who are willing to move, to dance. They aren't afraid to follow and they are not timid to lead. They are ready to boogie. Third Calling people are leading-edge Boomers. They are the "Do-Bees," kids of the 50s and 60s, revolutionaries, and some hippies. They are called to something more [...]

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Here is your invitation to a Re-Ignite Exclusive!

Perhaps you are in the midst of (or contemplating) a time of transition or change. Maybe you are wondering how all of your experiences in life have prepared you for what's next. Or, conceivably, you've never explored how uniquely you are designed for a purpose and a calling. The Re-Ignite Exclusive is a unique opportunity for [...]

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