November is National Family Caregiving Month

Boomers are frequently called upon to provide care for family members–from elder parents to adult children or grandchildren. During the month of November, communities around the nation will honor these unsung heroes. We want to encourage local churches to do likewise. These saints in your pews (or at home!) are ministering in profound ways. How [...]

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In Memory of Marcia Carol: “Singly Devoted”

This past week our friend Marcia Carol went to heaven. Her life and passing deeply impact people all over the world–we are no exception. Marcia was a follower of Jesus, a mom, grandma, friend to many, artist and missionary--and to us, she was a mentor. We share Marcia's story in nearly every Re-Ignite event or [...]

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No Retire!

The words on the label attached to my fan’s electrical cord jumped out at me this morning. NO RETIRE Hey, this label is singing my song–but it did impress me as a rather odd message for an electrical appliance. So, I turned the tag over and read the words, “DO NOT REMOVE.” Oh, I get [...]

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“I have an idea.” These words come out of my mouth almost every day of my life. Those within hearing distance do one of three things. They either perk their ears ready to listen and engage, roll their eyes and run away or smile and say something like, “Well, that’s an idea.” I love envisioning [...]

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Ready? Set. Learn! Announcing: Re-Ignite U

Re-Ignite announces the establishment of Re-Ignite U! This online educational resource is designed to provide opportunities to learn and grow in faith and life–in a new season of life! Our first course is now available! The Re-Ignite Retreat (called Re-Ignite Online) can be experienced as an online video course–and is accessible anywhere in the world where [...]

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Downsizing, Rightsizing and Re-Igniting

Many of our friends and family are considering what it means to downsize, or as some call it, "right-sizing." The whole process unearths deep feelings, longings, regrets, memories, and usually, a few arguments. It isn't easy reducing the amounts of our material goods. And sometimes, it is just plain hard to let go. Several months ago [...]

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Boomer Cousins

written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite Reprinted from January 2016 Author's note: I originally wrote this piece on the day of my aunt's funeral. Since then, my cousins and I have shared in weddings, birthdays, funerals, babies, illnesses, transitions, and other challenging events. In light of the ups and downs of life, I'm writing this–well, [...]

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Re-Ignite: Blasting Fire into the Embers of Boomers’ Lives

Several years ago, we lived in a 100-year-old house located in a Colorado ski-town. Nestled in the corner of our living room sat an old black coal-burning stove. Every night we would fill it with little pieces of kindling, strike a match, and start a small fire. When there was sufficient flame, we added large [...]

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Consider a Gap Year!

I turned in my notice today. I’m retiring! Tonight’s discussion could not have come at a more perfect and necessary time. We gathered around the fireplace in our friends’ cozy living room to lead a Third Calling Conversation.* Nancy introduced herself and shared the news–she was leaving a 40-year career as an Intensive Care nurse. [...]

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Finding “His Way”

My Grandma Thomas deeply influenced my life. During my childhood, I was privileged to live next door to her and my Grandpa. They were farmers and were well-known for the fruit of their labor– luscious strawberries, raspberries, corn, and Kentucky Wonder beans. I learned from them to value hard work, family, and faith. Mostly faith. Today [...]

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