Portraits of Power – Moldova

Our deep love for the people of Moldova began in 2006 when I met Leila Pisnamazova. As a visiting fellowship scholar at the University of Washington, she wanted to talk to me about "elder care in the United States." So, over Starbucks mochas, I waxed on about the abundance of options for older adults in [...]

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Talking About Pete Carroll’s Shoes

NFL commentators are AGEIST. There. I said it. As a nation, we are increasingly aware of our shared intolerance for discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, and religious preference. Nonetheless, we can’t quite seem to grasp how bias and prejudice based on a person’s age harm our lives. And these negative preconceptions thrive—in the media, [...]

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Sam the Olympic Eagle and You

Let the games begin!  On July 23rd, the world will finally get to watch its best athletes compete in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. After a one-year delay due to COVID 19, stadiums, tracks, gymnasiums, and pools will host over 11,000 athletes and almost no fans. Sadly, pandemic protocol means the rivalry and revelry will [...]

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Lessons from Grandma Orcas

We in the Pacific Northwest treasure our Orcas. If you are fortunate enough to spot one or a pod of these beautiful black and white “killer” whales in the Puget Sound, you understand the meaning of “electrifying.” They are majestic, graceful, purposeful, and magnificent. To Native Americans, they symbolize family bonds, the strength of community, [...]

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Akin to Nomadland

Reflections on Nomadland - by Leona Bergstrom Since winning the 2021 Academy Award for Best Picture, actress, and director, there has been much interest in the movie Nomadland. Based on the non-fiction book written by Jessica Bruder (whom we heard speak at Seattle University in 2018), the story is about a widowed woman who loses [...]

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Transforming an Old Monarch

By Leona Bergstrom, Re-Ignite  I am an old Monarch. No, I’m not the Queen of England. I’m a butterfly currently hanging out in a beautiful garden in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been fluttering around here for a couple of weeks and have seen a lot of things come and go—blossoms, people, and insects. On an ordinary [...]

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Author's note: This was written in 2016, and while the depth of emotion is similar to then, the reality of our Easter weekend in 2021 continues to be so much different. Limited Easter egg hunts, few frilly dresses, no choirs singing. Still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to face many layers [...]

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And then, they moved the line. Again.

March 12, 2021 Yesterday (March 11, 2021) marked the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization's official declaration of a global Coronavius-19 pandemic. The day was observed with memorials honoring the over 525,000 Americans who have died from COVID 19 in the past 12 months. We also listened to scientists, physicians, and politicians express optimism, [...]

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