And then, they moved the line. Again.

March 12, 2021 Yesterday (March 11, 2021) marked the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization's official declaration of a global Coronavius-19 pandemic. The day was observed with memorials honoring the over 525,000 Americans who have died from COVID 19 in the past 12 months. We also listened to scientists, physicians, and politicians express optimism, [...]

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Recipe for a Successful Second-Half Marriage: Grace, Grit, and Giggles

For a sizzling second-half marriage, you need...  Grace, Grit, and Giggles Every year when we go out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my husband asks our server the same question, “Do you know what happened on June 17, 1972?” Then with a wink and a smile, he quickly adds, “Besides our wedding, of [...]

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written by Richard Bergstrom, D.Min. President, ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite I recently watched the new Pixar Movie Soul about Joe Gardner, a music teacher in a New York City school. In the film's opening, Joe’s principal announces his temporary teaching job has become permanent. That news should make him happy. Unfortunately, his heart is not in teaching but [...]

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Proceed to THE Route!

I am proud of my ability to find my way. I have always assumed I had a flawless internal compass that leads me to my desired destination. However, now that Siri lives inside my iPhone and gives dependable and accurate driving directions, I’ve concluded that historically I may have spent more time than necessary wandering around [...]

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On a cold winter night in 1816, a young Austrian priest walked the streets of his parish. He was stunned by the tranquility and calm— a stark contrast from the years of chaos, conflict, and war. Experiencing this new serenity, Joseph Mohr penned a simple, reflective poem. Several years later, the Church assigned Fr. Mohr [...]

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What motivates you?

NOTE: Dr. Bergstrom will host a Third Calling Conversation Webinar about MOTIVATION on THURSDAY, November 12, 2020; 10 am PST. Click here to register. What motivates you? by Richard Bergstrom, D.Min., President ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite Do you know what motivates you? Or, to put it another way,  “What inspires you to get you up in the morning?” What if [...]

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The Power of Purpose in a Pandemic – A Webinar

Richard and Leona Bergstrom, Co-Directors of Re-Ignite, were recently guests on a webinar hosted by Dr. Mark Roberts, Executive Director of the De Pree Center for Leadership, Fuller Seminary. The title of the webinar was "The Power of Purpose in a Pandemic." This interactive session is helping launch the "Third Third" Initiative of the De [...]

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Hunkering Down Where It Is Safe

by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite September 1, 2020 Author's note: I wrote this little allegory on April 23, 2020 to encourage my kids and grandkids who were hunkered down because of COVID 19 restrictions. We were sure it would soon be over. But, alas, today on this first day of September, we are still wondering [...]

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Are we where we are?

Richard and I stood at another glass-enclosed kiosk and studied the enlarged map of the old city. We consulted and photographed such maps frequently during our 6-week/10 countries trip to Europe a few years ago. We loved the confidence and security experienced when we found the red circle indicating, “You Are HERE.”  This particular time, [...]

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