“We sure had a great adventure today, right?” I asked my grandson as we came around the final bend of our nature walk.

To my dismay, he replied, “No, Grandma. We haven’t had a great adventure.”

“We ARE having a great adventure. You can’t say we’ve HAD one until we are at the end.”

Point well made. He was in the middle of a great experience, and I was already living in the past tense!

This morning I realized I needed to revisit the grammar lesson. My self-talk went something like this: “I sure had an important job. I had status. I had energy. I had a purpose.” I was stuck in the past tense! Recalling Nolan’s correction jolted me back to the present. I am still on the journey and in the race! I have a purpose. I have influence. I have great health. I have a job to do. I have a book to write. I have a calling to follow!

Ironically, even I need to continually revisit the message we share through Re-Ignite!

We ARE having a great adventure!

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Please tell us (in the comment section below) how you are living in the present tense!

written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite
© Re-Ignite 2019
Photographs © CanStock