We have several ways to help you continue to grow through personal one to one coaching.

#1: Sign up for the MCODE Assessment and coaching session.
What motivates you? What brings joy and satisfaction?
Your MOTIVATION CODE can help you understand WHY you do what you do!
Through December 31, 2021, we are offering the assessment and a 60-minute follow-up session for just $149 with certified MCODE coach, Dr. Richard Bergstrom.  To get this special price, you’ll need to buy the MCODE assessment directly from us, not through the MCODE website.

The MCODE Assessment is based on the book,  THE MOTIVATION CODE: Discover the Hidden Forces That Drive Your Best Work, by Todd Henry – available on Amazon.

Here’s what a couple of recent MCODE clients have said about the assessment and feedback session:
From an Executive Pastor:
MCODE is one of the best tools I’ve used to get to the core of my personal motivations for the work I do. In a season of assessing my next ministry contribution, The MCODE results and consultation with Dr. Richard Bergstrom made my next pathway much clearer. The assessment itself didn’t take long and drew on my own personal experiences. MCODE proved a valuable investment in my own personal, vocational journey. Rev. Chris Calvert

Here is what a young adult professional wrote.
Understanding what motivates me in my daily life has always been a challenge. MCODE provided me with new language and understanding why certain past experiences have filled me with joy and energy, because I was living out of my core motivations. The assessment was unlike any that I have taken in the past. Since I supplied personal stories, it felt more tailored to my experiences and who I am than any other assessment. Each theme summary was in-depth and insightful, supplying phrases and key words that connect to my core motivations. The investment in my growth and understanding of who I am has never been wasted and that has never been more true than for this assessment and time with Richard. Davis Phillips, Bellingham, Washington

#2: BEYOND RE-IGNITE – Follow up for Re-Ignite Alums
Designed for those who have participated in a Re-Ignite Event, Retreat or online course with Re-Ignite U. Review, clarify, and develop action plans. This includes the MOTIVATION CODE Coaching Package and five coaching sessions. 60 minutes per session via Zoom, Skype or Face Time. Contact Richard Bergstrom for details and pricing.

Experience the entire Re-Ignite Process in a one-to-one coaching relationship with Re-Ignite Directors, Richard and Leona Bergstrom.
Examines your unique strengths, values, motivations, gifts, and passions. Clarify your life’s calling and purpose. Develop a plan for the next season of life.
Includes assessments, materials, one-to-one coaching in person via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Contact us for more information.