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Name Calling

We are a highly sensitive generation. While we have been alive for decades, experienced an enormous amount and gained volumes of wisdom—we don’t like to be called anything that resembles old. Individuals, communities, churches, and marketers are all scrambling to find a moniker to set us apart from other demographics.

On one hand, the discussion is rather humorous. In researching labels for my peers and me, I’ve discovered signature names such as Senior, Senior Citizen, Mature adult, Seasoned, Tween-ager, Primetimer, Seenager, Elder, Older adult, Old, New-Old, Baby Boomer, and Retiree. Most recently, I discovered a movement to call us “Perennials.” * We’ve tried to add our mark by describing the opportunities of the season—Third Calling. It echoes other initiatives to label this period of time, such as “Third Act,” “Third Age,” and “Encore.”

On the other hand, it is a serious discussion. Do we label those on an aging journey with words that degrade, devalue and diminish? Or do we embrace words that describe optimism, hope, experience, potential, and worth?

What do you think? After all, this is about us.

written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite

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“Perennials” has been coined as a favored name by Dr. Lauren Carstenson, Stanford Center on Longevity

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About the Author:

Leona Bergstrom is a writer, speaker and consultant. She currently directs the ministry of Re-Ignite, a division of ChurchHealth. Passionate about inspiring her Boomer peers, Leona has written and developed Re-Ignite curriculum, co-authored Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?, manages a weekly blog, and contributes articles to magazines and newsletters. She lives in Seattle with her husband, Richard.