“I have an idea.”

These words come out of my mouth almost every day of my life. Those within hearing distance do one of three things. They either perk their ears ready to listen and engage, roll their eyes and run away or smile and say something like, “Well, that’s an idea.” I love envisioning new projects, extraordinary adventures, and world-changing interventions. Some of my ideas work, most go through multiple revisions, and many others get dumped into a virtual trash can.coffee cup ideas

I relish any opportunity to sit in a coffee shop with my husband, Richard. Utilizing the modern technology of pen and napkin, we chat and chart our destinies. But all of the ideating exercises in the world mean nothing if they remain sketches on paper.

I was reminded of that  when I read again, The Art of Work by Jeff Goins.* In a chapter entitled “Life Is Not a Dream,” Jeff shares a conversation with a friend and publishing entrepreneur.

Every week Jonathan and his friends would get together for dinner, gathering around the kitchen table to talk about their hopes and dreams and what they would do with their lives someday.

‘One night,’ he recalled, ‘we were all sitting around my kitchen table, talking like we always did. We were thinking about what life would be like when our dreams came true, if only circumstances were different, you know? And then someone spoke up and said, ‘What if we stopped saying “what if” and started saying “let’s?”

That was it for Jonathan. It was the challenge he needed to get started with his dream. Instead of saying “what if,” he started saying “let’s.” He ditched the dreams and instead became a person of action.

The Art of Work, p. 125

LET’S — It’s the word that has changed our lives. We sat around our dining room table for months imagining the “what-ifs”. Then we began saying “let’s.” Let’s share the concepts of Re-Ignite with our peers. Let’s sell our house, quit our jobs, develop ministry partners, expand our vision, and go for it! Once we said, “let’s,” our ideas grew feet–maybe wings!–and concepts and dreams began their evolution into reality.

The word “let’s” implies two things:

  1. There is more than one person involved. There a partnership, a team, a coalition. In addition to being a couple in ministry partnership, we are honored to work with other leaders as well as professionals in the field of aging and purpose. Recently we also aligned with the Retirement Reformation, a movement promoting meaningful living in retirement.
  2. There is forward movement. Action. We continually develop new resources and products to help our generation discover their meaning and purpose. We recently launched Re-Ignite U, an online learning platform to help Boomers continue growing in life and purpose.

Re-Ignite is about engaging a generation. Uniquely designed individuals who are living out their passion and God’s purpose for their lives, come together to make a difference in the world.

What a great idea.

LET’S do it!

Written by Leona Bergstrom, Director,  Re-Ignite
© Re-Ignite 2019
Images © Canstock
*Note: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins, Thomas Nelson Publishers. 2015 You can learn more at www.artofworkthebook.com