When our children were small, we loved reading the delightful Berenstain Bears tale, Inside, Downside, Upside Down. Predictably, Little Bear crawled into a large cardboard box which Papa Bear was preparing to move. Turning it upside down, Papa Bear loaded it onto a dolly and then into the back of his pick-up truck. To the delight of children, and the chagrin of parents, Little Bear fell out of the truck and onto the road–coming out right side up. The purpose of the tale is to teach little kids about spatial relationships, but the story has some interesting application for those considering retirement.

Our American society oftentimes has us in a box. Our age, length of work life, and generational turnover forces us into the Retirement Box. We find ourselves tumbling around, uncertain which direction we are traveling or why. Eventually, something forces us to emerge and face the realities of a new season. But not before we’ve been jostled about—inside, outside and upside down!

While it can be a disorienting, we believe this time provides a crucial opportunity to engage in self-reflection, seek Divine guidance, and set forth intentional and reasonable goals. The next season of life is profoundly important and we have the chance to impact our world and leave a legacy for the next generation.

To do so, we need a process to help us through a time of discernment and evaluation. Re-Ignite has had the opportunity to lead hundreds of people through such a process through retreats, seminars, and our book, Third Calling. We now offer the opportunity for individuals to experience the Re-Ignite Process online—at your own pace and in your own space. Re-Ignite U is offering the class, Discover Your Third Calling. Check it out.

The Re-Ignite Process, whether experienced online, in person or through the book, will help give structure to your inside, outside, upside down experience. Enjoy the ride!

written by  Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite
© Re-Ignite 2019
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