2014 is a pivotal year for our generation. Those born in 1964–at the tail end of the Baby Boom–turn 50!  Something equally significant happened halfway through 1964 – the Ford Motor Company introduced the incomparable MUSTANG! Today we celebrate its 50th birthday.

Eight years and 60,000 miles ago, we bought a used 2002 red Mustang convertible. It is our dream car, escape vehicle and primary mode of transportation. In the winter it is just a car, but in the summer it is a sensation.

Shortly after we bought it, we were interviewed for a broadcast by the late Rich Buhler, a Southern California radio talk host. We talked about our ministry, midlife, and Boomer potential. But Rich was more intrigued with our owning and driving a red Mustang. He kept saying, “I really like you people!”

As the interview went on, Rich picked up on the fact that we (Bergstroms) don’t see this midlife journey with dread and despair. In fact, our commitment to continually re-igniting our own passion for life and ministry is pre-eminent. In affirming that life attitude, Rich simply responded, “I guess you just need to put a little Red Mustang into everything you do!”

Yeah. That about says it all.

Happy Birthday, dear little Mustang. We hope you still have a lot of miles left in you….

by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite