I wanted to tell them to get in the car. It was time to go. But, they just stood there, waving me farewell with smug grins on their faces.

My adult kids don’t come home with me anymore–especially after a 40th birthday party. In fact, they have to get into their own kid-safe, kid-equipped SUVs and get to their homes and families. I know that. But, as I stared at my son and daughter standing next to each other in the driveway, there was a fleeting moment when I imagined I could recapture time. For just an instant, I felt like a young mom with two kids, a mini-van and an abundance of energy. The unmistakable throb of my mother’s heart was palpable.

At times it seems like the past decades have sped by at warp speed. So much life has happened. Life filled with birth and death, joy and disappointment, love and bitterness, peace and anxiety, fear and trust.

I drive away, leaving my kids behind. Two thoughts soothe me: My children, no matter their ages, are gifts from God; and, God is so faithful.

I’m also reminded these two are smack-dab in the middle of living out their adult lives. In our recent book, Third Calling, Richard and I named this period their “Second-Calling.”* They are raising families, pursuing careers and paying mortgages. They are hitting their stride. And, all too soon, they too will drive away and leave grown kids waving farewell. Then they, like us, will seek God’s leading for a new season of life–their “Third Calling.”

And, God will be so faithful.

Children are a gift from God.

Psalm 127:3

written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite
*Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? by Richard and Leona Bergstrom is available at ThirdCalling.com or on Amazon

Photo courtesy of CanStock