While touring Savannah recently, Leona and I stopped by the home of Juliette Gordon Low and the Carriage House which eventually became the headquarters for the Girl Scouts of America. What impressed me about Juliette’s story was how her longing for a sense of purpose drove her to launch an outreach to young girls. Her action impacted the entire nation, even the world.

The story is inscribed on the historical marker outside the house:

Juliette Gordon Low (“Daisy”) was born in an era in the 1900’s when the primary goal of a woman was to be a wife and a mother. Daisy’s husband was a philanderer and an alcoholic. He also made no pretense to hide his mistress, Anna Bateman.

After enduring several years of an unhappy and childless marriage, Daisy began divorce proceedings in 1902, a brave move for a woman. During this time, she turned to family and friends for comfort and wrote about longing for a purpose. She continued to visit friends, travel abroad, and do charitable deeds with a working girls club in a poor district of London. In 1905, Willy (her husband) died, leaving the bulk of his estate to Anna. Daisy and her sisters-in-law contested the will and eventually won.

Daisy drifted between Europe and America searching for something to fill the void. At a luncheon party one serendipitous day in 1911, she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, found of the Boy Scouts. This meeting changed her life. She went on to found the Girl Scouts.


After reading about Daisy’s life, I asked Leona,“Can you imagine launching a movement following so much disappointment and defeat in her life?” She immediately responded, “Yes. We are doing that!”

Our focus in Re-Ignite is to help individuals reflect upon their lives (including the painful times), discover their unique design, clarify values and motivations–and discern their purpose. We encourage them to pursue it with a passion, regardless of age or stage of life.

In a few weeks we will release our new book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? Our aim is to see individuals transformed by discovering what God wants them to be and do in the next chapter of their lives. Our hope is that by following their Third Calling, a generation of Boomers will create a powerful movement that both values and stewards long life.

How about you? Like Juliette Gordon Low, finding your purpose and Third Calling can change the world!

written by Richard Bergstrom, President, ChurchHealth
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