Many of our friends and family are considering what it means to downsize, or as some call it, “right-sizing.” The whole process unearths deep feelings, longings, regrets, memories, and usually, a few arguments. It isn’t easy reducing the amounts of our material goods. And sometimes, it is just plain hard to let go.

Some time ago we moved to a much smaller home. It is a perfect size–at least for this new condensed version of us. Downsizing was critical and practical; we simply don’t have the space to store piles or files.

Clearly, this can be a painful process. While we’ve cleared out “stuff” multiple times in our lives as the seasons changed and we adjusted to new realities, the pain of such cleaning is still very emotional. I realized as I filled the recycling bin that I was not only tossing papers, I was disposing of a part of me. The fact I no longer need resources I once used in my career was both freeing and saddening. I began to feel like so much life had passed me by. As I re-read articles I wrote for local newspapers or magazines, reviewed business plans I executed, or glanced at awards I received, I wondered if I ever made a difference in the world. To be truthful, I wonder if making a difference in the world is still a possibility.

Now, before you send a team of therapists to extract me from my two-drawer filing cabinet and boxes marked “memorabilia,” please understand the arguments that filled my anguishing heart–both then and now as I continue the “purge.” I am experiencing one of life’s interesting and enlightening paradoxes: I know must let go of stuff, let go of who I once was and the pursuits I once fought for–while at the same time, I am even more aware of the new calling in my life. I’m being propelled forward to new possibilities. And, a new calling is based upon the foundation of my past experiences–both successes and failures. A new beginning encompasses my well-worn personality, honed skills, persistent passions and emboldened strengths. I am embarking upon my Third Calling while encouraging others to follow theirs.

As you consider moving forward in this season of life, are you ready to “right” size your possessions, burdens, and obligations? Are you ready to physically and emotionally downsize? (If so, please be sure and read Calming Your Chaos written by my friend, Elisa Hawkinson! or visit her website for her latest advice at

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Take the time to sort life out, get rid of the excess, and be free to serve God and those He has called you to serve.

What are you doing the rest of your life?–And do you really need all of that STUFF to do it?


–written by Leona Bergstrom
Co-Author, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?
Director, Re-Ignite
Co-Instructor, Re-Ignite ONLINE

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