NORTH POLE. 12.28.18

Santa Claus announced he will retire as of December 31st. After centuries of bringing Christmas cheer to millions, he will officially “hang it up this year,” and we’re not talking about his stockings.  Richard Bergstrom of Re-Ignite U obtained this exclusive interview with Santa today.

Richard– Is it true Santa? Are you really retiring at the end of this year on December 31st?

Santa– I’m afraid so. I’ve been doing this job long enough. It’s time for a change.

R– Yes, like for hundreds of years, right?

S– Don’t you think that’s long enough?

R– Well, yes, but what about all those boys and girls who count of you every Christmas to fulfill their deepest wishes?

S– I’m afraid they’ll have to find another source.

R– But who can replace Santa Claus?

S-I’ve already been replaced. Where have you been?

R– What do you mean you’ve been replaced?

S– Who writes letters to Santa anymore? In fact, who even writes letters period?

R– But couldn’t you let kids email you their Christmas list?

S– I’m afraid not. We have terrible cell phone connection at the North Pole and no internet. We’ve been living off the grid all this time. Besides, they don’t need to. They just put it on their Amazon wishlist anymore, just like magic it shows up at their door. We can’t compete with their delivery system. I’m still dependent on an aging reindeer workforce and a broken-down sleigh badly in need of repair.

R– But what will you do after you retire?

S – I have no idea. Delivering toys on Christmas Eve has been my life. I don’t know anything else. Maybe I could get a job playing Santa at one of the malls.

R– Really, Santa? Is that all you can think of? I can’t imagine you’d be happy doing that. After all, you’ve been the real thing all these years, not an imitation Santa.

S– I guess I don’t really have to work. Thanks to Mrs. Claus’ frugality and a good financial planner we’ve put enough away to live comfortably in our retirement.

R– That’s great Santa, but you’re going to need to do something to stay active and engaged in your retirement. Have you thought about what that might be? Don’t you have other things you are interested in?

S– I guess I could move into one of those retirement communities and play golf every day.

R– Actually, the developers are not calling them “retirement communities” anymore, they are “resort communities.” They are marketing to the Boomers who don’t like the word “retirement” or “seniors.” It’s all about leisure and enjoying yourself in retirement.

S– Sounds good to me! I really don’t have any plans past December 31st.

R– I think you need more than a financial plan. You need a life plan for this next stage of your life.

– And how do you propose I do that?

R –  As a matter of fact, that is exactly what my wife and I do for people. We help them figure out what this stage of life can be about.

S– Really? How do you do that?

R– Well, first of all, we periodically have offered a retreat over 2-3 days that we call Re-Ignite. It allows people to get away and take a deep look at where they’ve been, where they are now, and why they are here on this earth for such a time as this.

S– What if I can’t make it to a retreat? The North Pole is a long ways from anywhere you know.

R– Well, we also have a book we’ve written that captures the content of our retreat. It’s called Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? It’s available on Amazon.

S– My point exactly!

R– Okay, I understand. And if you’re not inclined to read our book, we now have the entire content of our retreat available as an online video course through our latest initiative called Re-Ignite U.

S– Sounds exactly what I need. That’s great. So how do I register for this course and what’s it going to cost me?

R– Just go to our website and follow the links to the course at It’s available through December 31stfor just $25. And watch for special pricing after the New Year also.

S– Perfect! Did you folks dream all this up?

R– Well yes, but we are not the only voices out there on this subject. In fact, we’d encourage you to join the Retirement Reformation, which we are partnered with to reach even more people with the message that this period of life doesn’t have to mean withdrawal. It can be a time of new opportunities using the experience and expertise that you have accumulated during a lifetime.

S– Awesome. I’m all in. See you online.



Update: After going through Re-Ignite U, Santa decided it was his “Third Calling” to train the next generation of Christmas Eve delivery teams to ensure the continuation of Christmas for boys and girls everywhere. He has signed agreements with UPS, FedEx, and yes, even Amazon to deliver the toys that the team of elves will continue to build in Santa’s toy shop at the North Pole. And although he won’t be coming down the chimney anymore, he would appreciate you leaving out milk and cookies for any and all who bring you Christmas cheer.

written by Dr. Richard Bergstrom, President, ChurchHealth
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