written by Leona Bergstrom
Director, Re-Ignite

I typically take note of my old potato masher only when it lodges in the utensil drawer blocking its opening and closing. Then, frustrated, I will pry it loose and wedge it back in under the soup ladle. I don’t remember the last time I used it to mash potatoes.

Recently the little gadget took on new significance. My 12-year-old grandson was utilizing his culinary skills in making guacamole. Seeing him struggle to pulverize the avocados into a smooth pulp, I suggested he try the potato masher. His eyes widened in surprise that such an instrument existed. He began mashing with renewed vigor, quickly turning the green fruit into mush.

This is the best invention – ever!” he said with appreciation. “It works so much better than the electronic things we have these days! Where did you get it?

By the looks of the olive-green handle, I surmised it was a wedding present given to us 49 years ago. That detail made the masher
even more remarkable since it was obviously an antique.

A short but fun conversation followed about a unique kitchen gadget, our wedding gifts, and “old” ways of preparing food. I was reminded that new methods are not necessarily better than the old-fashioned ones, and there are always traditions to share and stories to tell.

And, to top it all off, the guacamole was velvety and exceptionally delicious!

©Re-Ignite 2021
Photo by henry perks on Unsplash