written by Dr. Richard Bergstrom
President, ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite

In our book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?, the chapter entitled “Awakening Your Dreams” ends with Leona’s wistful, yet earnest, question:

 Ah, dreams, they can come true.
Now, can we talk about my house on the beach?
(pg. 45)

Little did we know that soon our dream would soon become reality.

It’s a long story that began over three years ago as we prayed for a more permanent location to serve as a base for our life and ministry. We made a bold request to an Arizona family we have known for years. Recognizing they only visited the home occasionally while on vacation, we offered to live in the lower level apartment and provide an onsite presence. We also posed the question whether the house could be used to host Re-Ignite and Third Calling events and retreats when the family is not in residence.

Our conversation continued, culminating in March 2017, when the family issued us an invitation to consider taking up residence in their waterfront home. (Interestingly enough, the invitation came just five days before our landlords where we were living on Martha Lake informed us they intended to sell the home. We would need to find other living arrangements.)There were a few challenges to overcome, including helping clear out the apartment and refreshing it with new carpet and paint. While sorting through some of the items left behind in the apartment, I discovered a coin that says on one side:

God grant me the dream that you planned for my life.

I’ve kept the coin in my pocket as a reminder of the power of dreams and our faith in the one who grants them. On May 30th of this year we moved into our new residence in Suquamish, Washington. We look out over Agate Passage, just across from Bainbridge Island—and we have direct beach access! Thanks to God, It will serve as both our home and base for ministry for the foreseeable future. The home is a shelter and respite for us—and we have full support to utilize it for Re-Ignite retreats and events. We believe that many will find solace, peace and new direction in this special “dream”-home.

And, by God’s grace, we are continuing to live out our Third Calling!