Re-Ignite announces the establishment of Re-Ignite U! This online educational resource is designed to provide opportunities to learn and grow in a faith and life–in a new season of life!

The first course is now available: Re-Ignite Online–Discover Your Third Calling! This course allows you to participate in the same Re-Ignite process as those who attend a live Re-Ignite Retreat. The online course consists of 9 sessions and includes presentations by Dr. Richard and Leona Bergstrom, Re-Ignite Founders and Facilitators. Presentation notes and assignments can be downloaded and printed for your use. You can experience the transformational impact of this course right in your own space–and at your own pace!

Discover Your Third Calling in 2019! Register for just $47.

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The course will help you consider your purpose and meaning in life as you discern your values, your unique design, and your passions. You will be guided in reviewing and reflecting on your life–past, present, and future. It is a powerful course that will help launch you into the “rest of your life” ready to serve, make an impact and live with meaning and purpose.

 As a companion to the course, we suggest reading our book Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? It is available on Amazon.

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Announcing "Re-Ignite Online: Discover Your Third Calling" for Small Groups (2-15). Enroll your group for $150 for up to 15 participants.

Also announcing Re-Ignite Online: Discover Your Third Calling" for Large Groups (16-40). Enroll your group for $250.00 for up to 40 participants (for groups larger than 40, please contact us for pricing).


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Re-Ignite U: Re-Ignite Online: Discovering Your Third Calling.

Re-Ignite a Passion. Re-Engage a Generation.

Guiding leading-edge Boomers in discovering purpose and passion in life and ministry.

  • An action: Kindling the embers of dreams, passions and goals until they burst into flame.
  • A process: An interactive curriculum, guided by facilitators in a retreat or seminar setting where individuals discover their unique personal design and discern God's direction for life. 
  • A ministry: A faith-based organization committed to helping Boomers who want to serve God and make a difference in the world.
  • A movement: Leading-edge Boomers impacting every corner of the globe.
Richard and Leona Bergstrom founded, and co-direct, the ministry of Re-Ignite. They recently wrote the book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?  to further flesh out the principles of Re-Ignite and help more people discover God's plan and calling for this stage of life. Please visit   or