Guiding leading-edge Boomers in discovering purpose and passion in life and ministry

Never before have we seen a generation like this one! The Boomers, born between the years 1946 and 1964, are 76-million people strong in the U.S.. The generation is big in number and powerful in presence.

The leading-edge Boomers (currently age 55-73) are beginning to think about what it might look like to “retire.” Lives are filled with change and transition, questions and challenges, decisions and deliberations. A common theme among Boomers is their search for meaning and purpose. This generation is typified by action and simply retiring to a rocking chair is out of the question. Yet, oftentimes after a lifetime of striving and achieving, one is faced with the real question of what is next? What do I do with the rest of my life?

Re-Ignite is dedicated to helping leading-edge Boomers discover their unique purpose and passion – in life and ministry.

Within the pages of this website you’ll find resources to point you toward a God who has designed you for purpose and meaning.

It’s time to re-ignite those passions and dreams!