Author’s note: This was written in 2016, and while the depth of emotion is similar to then, the reality of our Easter weekend in 2021 continues to be so much different. Limited Easter egg hunts, few frilly dresses, no choirs singing. Still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to face many layers of grief and loss head-on. May we, on this Saturday between the death of Christ and his resurrection, pause to feel the depth of pain today and the promise of tomorrow’s joy. –LB

Easter weekend is when Christians memorialize the death of Christ and celebrate his resurrection.

Saturday is a particularly perplexing day. Sandwiched between a dark and solemn Good Friday service and the glorious dawn of Easter morning, Saturday is when communities hold lively egg hunts; offer photo ops with the Easter Bunny, and promote sales on frilly dresses and chocolate candy. Buried in all of the holiday activities is an almost unexplainable emptiness. The soul feels sad, even melancholic.

On the eve of his resurrection, Jesus’ lifeless body lay in a cold, hard and eerie rock tomb. Guarded by men and supervised by angels, deathly silence ricocheted throughout the heavy air. Now called “Saturday,” the day in the middle was anything but lighthearted. It was sad, grim and somber.

Many think of aging in terms of gloom and doom. Society either ignores its reality or paints it up with the promise of leisure and play. In actuality, the journey of aging provides the opportunity to realize and experience the profound power of the resurrection. Certainly, difficulties do not pass us by, but the risen Christ never leaves us.

Everything changed on Easter morning. Light burst forth dispelling all darkness. Hope rose anew. Death became life.

What do we need for this season of life’s journey? The power of his resurrection!

I want to know Christ
and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.

–Paul, Philippians 3:10
The New Living Bible



Written by Leona Bergstrom, Director, Re-Ignite
©Re-Ignite 2016
Feature image by CanStock; Sunset photo by J. Bergstrom