written by Richard Bergstrom, D.Min.
President, ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite

I recently watched the new Pixar Movie Soul about Joe Gardner, a music teacher in a New York City school. In the film’s opening, Joe’s principal announces his temporary teaching job has become permanent. That news should make him happy. Unfortunately, his heart is not in teaching but rather in performing as a jazz musician. His big break comes with an invitation to play for a legendary bandleader who needs a substitute pianist. He impresses her and gets the gig, but on his way home suffers an accident and ends up heading into the “After Life.” Not ready to go there just as he is about to realize his life’s dream, he runs in the opposite direction and ends up in the “Great Before,” where souls undergo training before they are allowed to fly to Earth and inhabit human bodies. If you’re hung up on the theology of that, you might miss the movie’s all-important theme–the notion of finding your “spark” in life. That “spark” is discovering your life’s true passion and following your calling to do what is most fulfilling.


Have you discovered your “spark” in life? If not, or if you’ve lost it during the past year, we’d love to help. Re-Ignite is all about helping people find purpose and passion in life by discovering that “spark.” One particularly valuable tool is the Motivation Code assessment. Through recounting several life stories of achievement that brought a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, the assessment identifies your key motivational themes. The assessment is best explained in the recently released book, The Motivation Codeby Todd Henry (available through Amazon.) While the assessment is taken online, personal coaching will enhance your understanding and experience. We felt this tool was so central to our Re-Ignite ministry that both Leona and I completed the training and became certified in offering the assessment five years ago. We know this assessment and coaching can re-ignite your sense of purpose, passion and pursuits—and give your life a new spark!

We are offering the updated assessment and personal coaching at a significantly discounted price during the first quarter of 2021. Contact us directly if interested.

Regarding Joe’s destiny in Soul, I’ll let you discover the rest of the details by watching the movie yourself (available on Disney+) but let’s just say his music is on fire.

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Images by Pixar (Soul movie poster)
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