50+ Ministries Need to CHANGE! – a guest post by Wes Wick

//50+ Ministries Need to CHANGE! – a guest post by Wes Wick

50+ Ministries Need to CHANGE! – a guest post by Wes Wick

New Wineskins

Written by Wes Wick, Co-Founder and Director, YES! Young Enough to Serve

So, does the American Church’s approach to 50+ ministry need new wineskins?

While open to changing with the times, many of us don’t believe in change just for the sake of change. Reacting to boredom with the status quo may give rise to change, but what shape will new changes take? Perhaps our discontentment can lead us to something old and different–ideas that seem more firmly rooted in Scripture? Why invest in a new idea with a short shelf life, subject to blow away in next season’s first storm?

Whether we call it new wineskins, a paradigm shift, or a success-to-significance transition framed in Bob Buford’s Halftime challenge, we sense that many Christian adults in their fifties and sixties are ready for something different. But if we make this only about the special wiring of the Baby Boomer generation, our fraternity, will these changes also short-circuit in a few years?

We recently published Half Two: The Quest for a God-Honoring EncoreI started writing this book while Richard and Leona were putting their final touches on Third Calling, and both their coaching and book content helped catapult me forward. I’m so grateful for their wisdom, friendship, and inspiration.

Half Two takes readers on a 14-day quest into the Land of Life Over Fifty. We focus on making life’s second half whole, making it His, and making it count.

Beyond our own personal journeys, we examine how churches might better collectively harness the gifts of beyond-fifty adults. We’re convinced that inviting younger generations into our leadership mix is a key that helps unlock many doors. Just as the elder Paul tapped the younger Titus and Timothy to help inspire older men and women–we love seeing this dynamic resurrected in today’s churches.

Younger people need us. And we need them.

An old idea whose time has come–returning again to Scripture to light our way. We invite you to join us in this quest for a God-honoring encore!

–Wes Wick

Wes and Judy Wick founded the ministry of YES in 2008. Their mission is to help individuals and churches move to stronger Biblical paradigms for life’s second half, with hearts intentionally more open to praying, serving and making disciples.


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